The 10 biggest questions to ask yourself in the decade before you retire

Your retirement is just around the corner.

Your retirement is just around the corner. Like many people, you might view the end of work with a mixture of excitement and trepidation – eagerly anticipating your new-found freedom while feeling slightly uneasy about losing your old routine and social connections.

As well as the psychological impact of stopping work, you might also be wondering whether your finances are geared up for retirement.

This is a perfectly legitimate concern. Nowadays, retirees have a lot more responsibility over their money. You need to ensure you’ve saved enough for a comfortable retirement and that your money lasts as long as you do.

It’s very different from your parents’ generation, when many people had Final Salary pensions that paid a guaranteed income for life.

The sooner you plan your retirement, the better. To help you get started, we’ve produced a list of the ten biggest questions you should ask yourself in the decade before you retire.

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